"Hello everyone! What a crazy world we're living in! Who would have thought that a long forgotten song I recorded in 1961 at my old restaurant, The Alhambra, would go viral?!? Talk about a surprise!" See the YouTube video!


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be available here soon! "Morning Fly" a song for children and many others, including a favorite by Miles Davis, "New Rhumba."





Ahmad Jamal - NEC Doctor of Music Award



Ahmad Jamal Jamal Plays JamalHis latest release "Jamal Plays Jamal" December 2015. Listen and read more... - read more (français)...
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Ahmad Jamal Live in MarciacAHMAD JAMAL "Live in Marciac" New album released June 2015. "Live in Marciac" follows on from Saturday Morning, Watch video and read more... - read more (français)...

"Ahmad Jamal Live in Marciac" Album
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"Ahmad Jamal Live in Marciac" Album
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AHMAD JAMAL "Saturday Morning" New album released September 2013 on JazzVillage. "Saturday Morning" follows on from Blue Moon, Watch video and read more... - read more (français)...

"Saturday Morning" Album
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"Saturday Morning" Album
is available at Amazon.com

Jack Massarik - Royal Festival Hall - music review "… piano veteran won them over with his extraordinary range of thunderous power, sudden tenderness and all the other quick-change delights a great jazz pianist can produce. It was a sensational performance that shrieked for an encore."










Blue Moon - Ahmad Jamal. "Blue Moon" Grammy Nomination
Best Jazz Instrumental of 2012!!!

Blue Moon is not just Ahmad Jamal’s latest album, it’s his latest masterpiece, with a predominant feeling reminiscent of his greatest periods on Chess and Impulse! Three original compositions of great majesty (Autumn Rain, I Remember Italy, Morning Mist), some brilliant new interpretations of different chapters of the American myth: the flm noir, (Laura), Broadway (Invitation, This Is The Life), popular songs (Gypsy), then, not surprisingly, the great story of jazz (Woody‘n You) and this overwhelmingly intense Blue Moon – which in itself sums up the New World, for it’s been sung by Bill Monroe, Elvis Presley and Mel Tormé, amongst many others…

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