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All compositions and arrangements by Ahmad Jamal, BMI, Mayah Publishing, Inc.
Replication and packaging by Soundmine Studios

Highlights - Jamal PLAYS Jamal:  "Pastures" was written in Redondo Beach California during one of Ahmad's appearances  at Howard Rumsey's Concerts By the Sea; it is certainly one of Ahmad's favorites and has been sampled by Jay Z.
Swahililand is included in this package as well and is one of the most sampled of Ahmad's recordings.

From the liner notes:

Spectacular, gifted, sensitive, dedicated are some of the adjectives one can use to describe these great, one of a kind musicians that went into the studio with me to record "Jamal Plays Jamal."

The late Jamil S. Nasser comes from one of the cities in the USA that produced innumerable giants in the music world - Memphis, Tennessee.

The late Azzedin Weston belongs to the list of outstanding percussionists, and I was very fortunate in acquiring his services. He is the son of celebrated pianist/composer Randy Weston.

The late Richard Evans, one of the most talented orchestrators in the world who worked with me during my Chess years and beyond.

Frank Gant, out of Detroit, and first heard by many when he joined Dr. Yusef Lateef. Frank remains very special among our music community.

Again, invaluable assistance given me by the Chicago, (my second home), VIPs:  Melvin Williams, Jess Williams of Soundmine Studios and others in Chicago where we made recording history at the Pershing with Israel Crosby and Vernel Fournier.

Kervin A. Simms, P.C. plays a major role in this project. My thanks to Curtis Lundy for directing me to him after a long search.


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